Around the World Slots

Arrow's Edge Around the World is a tour of some of the world's most fascinating places and sites in slot form. The background imagery, barely visible through the heavily dominant reels, depicts a map painted with blue shades. Rightfully so, the game's symbols transport players to various distant corners of the globe. The pay line numbers are neatly presented with the flags of various countries. Every symbol has a little black transparent transport icon, whether it is a car, plane, ship, or even - a balloon. The imagery visible behind the title shines with a golden color and depicts the wall of an ancient Egyptian building with carved glyphs upon it.

A Journey Around the World Awarding Interactive Bonus Round with Free Spin Prizes

The gameplay revolves around five reels, three rows. Players have 25 pay lines at their disposal, and they can change their number if they wish to do so. The biggest total bet that players can place is 250 dollars. Some of the prizes, which will fill up the account balance of Around the World's players, will come from a decently sized paytable with enormous payouts and many winning combinations. Rewards will also be granted through a couple of special symbols - a wild, and a scatter. Last but not least, two great bonus features will contribute through free spins prizes - one of those is a regular free spins feature, and the other is more theme-based and interactive.

The Wonders of the World Deliver Satisfactory Payouts

The paytable of the game features ten symbols that deliver payouts through winning combinations. One of those symbols doesn't have fixed payouts, and that is the scatter Eiffel Tower, which pays with multipliers increasing the total bet - 2 times for two symbols, five times for three symbols, 15 times for four symbols, and 100 times for five symbols. The two most rewarding symbols with fixed payouts also have four winning combinations. The Pyramid brings 5, 20, 200, and 5000 credits. The Easter Island Head Statues symbol awards 2, 15, 100, and 500 credits. The Penguin (which stands for the fabulous icy location of Antarctica) grants 15, 25, and 200 credits. The other symbols are the card letters and numbers, which can be observed in so many other slot games. The Ace and the King's prizes are 10, 15, and 100 credits. The Queen and the Jack's are 5, 10, and 150 credits, and the same rewards are available through the ten and the nine symbols.

Take Advantage of Two Special Symbols and a Pair of Extremely Generous Features

The Statue of Liberty wild doesn't offer any payouts. The symbol compensates for its lack of winning combinations through the ability to substitute the rest of the symbols in the game to form new combinations. The only symbol that the wild can't replace is the scatter Eiffel Tower. Every prize awarded through a winning combination formed via the wild will be doubled in size. The scatter Eiffel Tower can activate the game's free spin feature. The symbol's triple combination is sufficient to activate the bonus round. Ten free spins will be awarded. Every prize granted throughout the feature is tripled. If the right triggering combination appears on the reels again, the free spins will be restarted. The game's main bonus feature will begin when the Statue of Liberty shows up on the second, the third, and the fourth reel at the same time. After activation, a map will be revealed. Players will have to pick three destinations on it. Each of the selected countries will lift the player's rank by a number that could be between 1 and 5. The prize reached after the third selection is the one that will be acquired. If this bonus round gets activated during the free spins feature and the number of Points becomes 12, the free spins will be restarted. Players will undoubtedly love Around the World for its refreshingly straightforward world tour theme, the significant effects of its symbols, the rewarding payouts of its winning combinations, and its two multiplier-delivering bonus features.