Bovada Parlay Boosters

Bovada Sportsbook has a fantastic new special! Right now smart players can cash in on their favorite sports, and will be supplied a nice boost to all of your potential payouts. Bovada has Parlay Boosters, which will allow you to collect generous amounts of reward points. With the Bovada Sportsbook, you can take advantage of this Parlay Booster promotion.

What is the Bovada Parlay Booster?

By definition, in sports betting a parlay bet is a special kind of bet where two or more bets are combined into one wager, which are sometimes referred to as accumulators or multis. To win a parlay bet, you must win every small bet within the parlay bet. If you lose just one of the smaller bets, you'll lose the overall parlay. However, the benefit of parlays is you can win larger payouts if you're willing to take a bigger risk.

With Bovada Parlay Boosters, you'll benefit from better odds and even better wins thanks to this boost. When you use this boost, you'll collect Rewards points. The Rewards Points are helpful down the line. Rewards points can be redeemed for cash bonuses at any time while playing, too. At any point you can exchange a portion of your points, or all of your points. Plus rewards points help you unlock new rewards levels, which lead to other prizes and benefits. So claiming the Bovada Parlay Booster could mean you might passively earn rewards points. You need to place a bet on one of the Bovada Booster parlay Odds on a weekly basis, and reward points are given out beginning the first Monday of December.

The promotion technically began on November 27th and has been going strong all month long throughout December. You will collect reward points on your daily select parlay bets. Plus, if you bet on a Boosted Parlay Odd every week you'll be entered to win a special prize through a drawing! Any boosted parlays will count for the promotion, and if you want to be eligible for the drawing you need to have deposited at least $10 within the last seven days. If you win the prize draw, it'll double your reward points. If you are one of the winners, you'll receive a message via your inbox that'll notify you of the prize draw win. Your double rewards points will be capped at 1000 per player every week, though. About 100 wagers from all of the eligible wagers are selected every week to participate in the prize drawing. If you don't receive an inbox message, it's safe to say you haven't won this week. You can filter through and look at a sportsbook section that supplies purely parlay booster events if you go to the sports section, and press specials. Just press Parlay Booster after that and it'll display a webpage with exclusively parlay booster events.