Cyberpunk City Slots

Cyberpunk City from Bovada Gaming is entirely devoted to the science-fiction subgenre and its distinctive characteristics. As a whole, the visual design of the slot emphasizes the world's most beautiful elements. Even though the details that contribute to grittiness and depression of the moody setting are still visible - rain, streets shrouded in mist and shadow, among others, most players will be unable to take their eyes off the main screen for one reason or another. The developers have smartly made the reels transparent so that the level of immersion is made greater. The streets of the futuristic city are decorated with neon lights. A beautiful character with an unforgettable hairdo is depicted to the left of the reels. Lights and Far East lettering ornament the city in just the right amount to counter the dominating darkness and create that trademark sense of brutal beauty and extreme coolness, which every story associated with the genre has.

Explore the Cyberpunk World and Use Many Bonus Features to Your Advantage

The gameplay of Cyberpunk City has five reels, with each having three positions. Winning combinations can appear across 20 pay lines. Coin sizes can reach 10 dollars, which makes the biggest possible bet, 200 dollars. The game's paytable has ten symbols, and their payouts are not too big, which is more comfortable for players who prefer to avoid significant risks. The highlight of the gameplay is the collection of bonus features. Players can take advantage of two types of wild symbols with generous effects, jackpot rewards, and additional special symbols, which are directly connected to the game's famous theme, and pay generously in their own unique ways.

The Cyberpunk Paytable's Neon-Colored Characters Pay Generously

All of the symbols with fixed payouts have three winning combinations that involve 3, 4, and 5 matching symbols. On top of the paytable is the character with the green neon lighting, which pays 5, 25, and 250 credits. Next up is the blue neon character that offers 4, 10, and 50 credits. The character decorated with pink neon brings 1.50, 4, and 20 credits. The robot character stands out through his yellow neon coloration awards 1, 2.5, and 15 credits. The other six symbols in the game are card ones. "A" and "K" grant 0.50, 2, and 12.50 credits. "Q" and "J" give 0.50, 1.50, and 10 credits. "10" and "9" have prizes equal to 0.50, 1, and 10 credits.

Uncover Wilds, Free Spins, and Jackpot Rewards in the Futuristic City

Cyberpunk City has a progressive jackpot prize, which increases on its own and will eventually be awarded randomly. There is only one condition players need to meet to become eligible for the jackpot, and that is to receive the symbol of the heroine visible on the main screen - the one rocking a pink Mohawk. The game has two wild symbols. The first one has a futuristic soldier with an eye patch on its icon and has an expanding effect. It can only show up on reel three and replaces the other symbols in the game except for the scatter ones. Another random wild can appear on the reels out of nowhere at any point during normal spins and transform into one of the high-paying character symbols. Additionally, players can profit from two other bonus symbols - Cyber and Punk. Both symbols have the word of their name written on their icons, and they both work as scatters because they activate the free spins. The feature is started whenever Cyber appears on the first reel, and Punk appears on the fifth reel during the same spin. Ten free spins will begin, and the produced earnings will be multiplied by 2. If the Cyber and Punk symbols appear again on the first and the fifth reel, the feature will be restarted.