Ocean Life Slots

Arrow's Edge Ocean Life is a spectacularly crafted game with a classic set-up and an example of a 3-reel slot that can be just as beautiful as the best-designed 5-reel ones. The underwater kingdom populated by all kinds of sea inhabitants is presented with stunning use of a brighter teal color at the surface. It goes darker in the lower parts of the main screen, where the deeper part of the ocean is shown. The seaweeds across the ocean bed are moving with the help of smooth animation. The crashing waves on the surface and tiny bubbles over each symbol position are additional neat details, bringing the image to life. The reel borders are the plant protrusions of lily pads. The seamless unity of gameplay and background imagery displays Betsoft-level skill, and players who appreciate good looks won't think twice before choosing Ocean Life as their preferred 3-reel slot.

Jackpot Rewards and Two Profitable Bonus Features Await Players on the Bottom of the Sea

The game offers three reels and only one pay line. The biggest possible total bet is 250 dollars. The amounts of three progressive jackpots are depicted to the right of the reels - the Cash Grab Jackpot, the Mystery Jackpot, and the Super Slots Jackpot. Apart from a generously paying paytable, Ocean Life also delivers a highly profitable wild with multiplier effects. Additionally, players will get to profit from the useful Double Up feature and a theme-related feature involving animations of fish traveling across the main screen, which is more than impressive for a modest 3-reel slot.

The Ocean Life-Filled Paytable Delivers Decent Prizes

The paytable of Ocean Life is neither the biggest nor the most rewarding, but it gets the job done just right for players who are not looking for too much risk. All of the symbols have just a single winning combination - 3 matching symbols. The Octopus is the best-paying symbol of the game and Ocean Life's wild, offering 800 credits. The whale's prizes are 80 credits. The sea turtle awards 60 credits. The Octopus grants 50 credits. There are also three fish symbols. The orange one gives 40 credits. The red-white striped fish provides players with 25 credits. The yellow-pink fish delivers ten credits, and so does the Sea Horse. The only symbol without its own paying winning combinations is the Shark symbol.

The Ocean Inhabitants Will Traverse the Ocean and Deliver Massive Bonus Rewards

The wild can replace the other symbols in the game to form additional winning combinations. If a combination is formed through the help of only one wild, the resulting prizes will be doubled in size. If two wilds form a new combination, its payouts will be multiplied by four. The game's progressive jackpots hit when they reach a specific range. The Super Slots Jackpot will be awarded when it is between 40 000 and 45 000 dollars. The Cash Grab Jackpot will be granted when it is in the range between 2000 and 5000 dollars. The Mystery Jackpot will be awarded as soon as it gets to 10 000 dollars.

The game's main bonus feature will begin whenever the scatter symbol appears on the central pay line. Players will then face a choice to pick between twelve different fish. The selected fish will swim to one of four possible locations - a sunken treasure ship, a coral reef, a submarine, and a school of fish. Whenever the three fish or the three sea mammals reach one of the four destinations, a prize will be awarded. And finally, the Double Up feature of the game will give Ocean Life's players the chance to double the earnings they have made following a successful spin. The result of the feature is determined through the flipping of a coin that has a shark on one side and a whale on the other. The maximum allowed win through this feature is 25 000 dollars. Ultimately, Ocean Life Slots is a gorgeous-looking classic slot that submerges players in an immersive nautical world with more bonus features than a knowledgeable slot fan would ever dare to dream about in a 3-reel game.