Blue Rewards Card

With the Blue Rewards Card, you may rapidly withdraw wins from your preferred casinos. You can deposit your winnings again at any of our affiliated casinos! Making an account for a Blue Rewards Card is easy and cost-free.

What is a Blue Rewards Card (BRC)?

The Blue Rewards Card is a no-cost virtual card that lets players transfer money from one of the partnered casinos Casino Max, Cherry Jackpot, Roaring 21, Spinfinity Casino, Slots Room, and Slots Ninja) to the card and deposit that money at another casino with no fees and almost instant withdrawals.

The Advantages Of Using A BRC

The two key benefits of this system are as follows. First off, there are no speed fees, making money transfers from one casino to the BRC incredibly quick! This implies that gamers may immediately receive their money, which is crucial because people these days expect things to happen swiftly. BRC is aware of this and does everything within its power to ensure its system is quick and meets all requirements.

  • As previously stated, opening a Blue Rewards Card account is entirely free. But you should also be aware that there are no fees. Due to the cooperation between the operator and payment agent, the solution is fully fee-free. With it, you may deposit and withdraw money without any additional fees.
  • And the other great aspect is that players will be able to access their funds almost instantly when they use a Blue Rewards Card, which is what players want!

How to Deposit/Withdrawal From the Blue Rewards Card

Using Blue Rewards to deposit and withdraw your funds is very straightforward. Here are a few simple steps to receive your funds:

  • 1. Choose the Blue Rewards Card in the cashier's deposit or payout section.
  • 2. Copy your Blue Rewards Card account information for your long card.
  • 3. Enter the details from your Blue Rewards Card in the cashier deposit or payout section.

Once your deposit is made, you may play immediately and without limitations! Alternatively, you'll get an email when your withdrawal is accepted, and the money will instantly appear on your Blue Rewards Card Dashboard!

Eligible Currencies

The Blue Rewards Card accepts both US dollars and Canadian dollars as their main currencies. You may still utilize other foreign currencies if you need to, even though the default currency is set to a certain kind. The only drawback is that there can be additional charges for changing the money between other currencies.

The Bottom Line

As a player, you are aware that the Blue Rewards Card is a great tool to utilize at all six Partnered Casinos, given the information you have available about it.