Jackpot Jester 50000 Slots

Jackpot Jester 50,000 is an amazing, classic style slot game. If you've ever played a Las Vegas style classic slot featuring fruit symbols and lucky 7s, you'll love everything about Jackpot Jester 50,000. This game is a three reel slot machine, and it was developed by the software provider Nextgen.


The game grid is designed to resemble a real life casino experience. You play on a slot machine in a lobby filled with several other machines. There are palm trees and bright lights in the background that set the scene a little better. This casino is supposed to take place in Vegas. The main machine is what we're playing on, and it includes numerous fruit symbols. Expect to see a range of fruits on the game grid, including lemons, plums, cherries, and melons along with traditional lucky symbolism like bells, and 7 symbols. There's also the Jester Jackpot, which awards 50,000x your total bet. You can play this game for free via demo mode, as well as on your smartphone or tablet device. Jester Jackpot 50,000 is compatible with IOS or Android devices.


There are two betting pre-play options of either 10 or 20 slot machine coins. However if you activate the Supergame, you'll have the opportunity to trigger the 50,000 Jester Jackpot, which means you have to play 20 coins. This section of the game is played on the three reel matrix located at the bottom of the machine. When it comes to the symbols themselves and how much they pay out, like most games there are lower paying symbols and higher paying symbols. The lower paying symbols are the cherries, which pay out 40 coins for a match of three. The lemons pay out 60 coins for a match of three, while the plums pay out 80 coins for a match of three. The melons pay out 100 coins for three, and the bells pay out 300 coins for three bells. The lucky 7s pay out 400 coins for a match of three. If you land three of the jester symbols, you'll be paid a huge sum of 2,000 coins. Keep in mind, should you decide to play for 10 coins a spin instead all of these payouts are cut in half. If you play for 20 coins, you'll be playing on the 3 reel matrix where each spin is 100 coins. Prizes you land on the upper matrix of the game grid are different in ratio to the lower matrix. For example, three cherries on the upper matrix pay out 100 coins, while three lemons pay out 200 coins and three plums pay out 400 coins. Three melons pay out 500 coins on the upper matrix and three bells pay out 1,000 coins. Also, three sevens pay out 1,000 coins and three jesters pay out 10,000 coins. If you're lucky enough to trigger all nine jesters at once on the upper matrix, you'll receive 50,000 coins in total, aka the jackpot.


Overall, Jackpot Jester 50,000 is a fun, classic slot with a vintage appeal that'll span generations of slot players. Young slot players will love it just as much as older slot players who recall when video slots were far less common and all you could find is classic slots. Still, there's a reason a classic slot is considered a classic. There's a timeless appeal that makes it defy age and technology, and while Jackpot Jester 50,000 is a classic slot that's playable on your high tech computer or tablet device, there's an unspoken simplicity that puts it in a league of its own.